What are the top 5 Duct Connectors of 2020 so far?
Because HVAC safety means more than good filters

With colder weather on the way, schools and businesses are taking their first steps back to a new normal. As employees and students begin to spend longer inside, the COVID-19 epidemic is still very much on top of everyone's mind. In this new normal, HVAC systems are making the headlines.


Concern is rising among Canadians on what risk inefficient heating and ventilation systems pose to people in enclosed public spaces. Installing HEPA, MERV 13, and U.V. light filters are often proposed as solutions.


But Filters can only do so much. Attention has recently turned to upgrades for aging HVAC systems. Without a tightly sealed and leak-free duct system, risk still exists. Retrofits can be expensive but can also be a big investment in the health, safety, and productivity of Canadians. Wherever people work and learn, they work and learn better in a safe and comfortable environment.


Every duct system should be tightly secured. The best performing systems make every effort to reduce leakage and reduce the risk of pressure loss or outside contaminants entering the airstream at any point.


So, with this in mind, what do our team at DCL Supply see as the top 5 duct connectors of 2020 to date?


1. Ductmate Flange 25/35/45

The mighty Ductmate Flange is one of the top duct connectors in our product line. And it isn't hard to see why. This robust and virtually leak-free rectangular duct connection system consists of roll-formed flanges, corner pieces, gaskets, and cleats.


The flanges attach to the duct wall and have an integral mastic which allows it to seal itself to the duct.


Corner pieces add rigidity to the flange, hold the ductwork together, and provide a sealing surface for the gasket.


The gasket then serves as a seal between the flanges. The cleat ensures an even compression of the gasket along the length of the flange.


The whole system is easy to install, with no extra sealing required.




2. Spiralmate

Ductmate also offers the superb Spiralmate for an airtight, efficient round duct connection system. Spiralmate is a simple and easy connection to install with no extra sealing needed.


Aesthetically, this one-piece seamless connector clamp eliminates unsightly screws between connections and makes it ideal to use as an architectural feature.


Spiralmate is available in two profiles sizes and almost any alloy to fit duct ranging from 8" to over 100" diameters. A strong, split ring design "adjusts" to fit the variations in duct and fitting diameters.


The Spiralmate replaces welding on gored fittings and allows elbows to be fully adjustable. Ductmate also offers a new press-on inner ring to make double wall duct systems a snap.




3. Quick-Sleeve

The single or double bolt Quick-Sleeve provides a simple, leak-free connection for round ducts used in air-conditioning, ventilation, and dust collection systems.


Quick-Sleeve is a band-clamp connection available for 3" - 18" diameter of plain or spiral round ductwork.


The Quick-Sleeve allows ducts to be disassembled and reassembled with ease. It also requires no end preparation of the ductwork. The Quick-Sleeve comes with either 1 (one) or 2 (two) bolts to easily tighten and complete any connection.


No protrusion into the airstream makes the Quick-Sleeve the ideal connector for ducts carrying dust, etc. It is airtight from positive 30" to negative 30" W.G.




4. Angle Rings

DCL Supply provides a large variety of sizes of angle rings from Midwest Metal Products.


Midwest Metal Products are a market leader, making more angle rings than any other company in the world. Standard angle rings are available from 3" to 96" in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. DCL Supply also stock hot dipped galvanized angle rings in sizes 3" to 72".


Midwest Metal Products can punch any hole pattern, any size hole, and any shape of hole, including slots in your stock angle rings, at no extra cost.




5. Proflex Connector

The design of the ProFlex connector isolates equipment noise and vibration from ductwork. It is a flexible duct connector made from fabrics that secure to sheet metal on both sides. Typically the connector fits between the machinery and the ductwork.


The ProFlex connector, in either commercial or residential systems, provides an airtight and waterproof seal. Double-lock gripping fingers of metal to fabric adds to its holding power.


The Proflex is available in various fabrics and comes pre-assembled with the sheet metal permanently secured to the material.


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